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Jimbei Kimono:
Higgi Handmade knows a thing or two about the orient (growing up in the Japanese countryside). Whilst our baby Jimbei Kimonos aren't made from pure silk, they'll look just as good on your bundle of joy (and so easy to clean). "Jimbie" comes in various colours for baby girls or boys.

"Jimbei" Kimonos start from AU $35.00, as quite a lot of work goes into their creation. All Higgi Handmade costs are based on time with exact prices for each Kimono found on our humble part of the famous Made It store.

Shipping is at AU $3.00 with additional items in same post pack AU $1.00.

Whilst "Jimbei" Kimono are more popular in spring and summer (Japanese festival wear), your baby can wear them anytime of year. Stock is mostly on an order basis, so please check out our online store for up-to-date details

How To Buy:
Checkout our "Jimbei" Kimono range on made-it, with secure paypal payment.

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